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Step 1: Use Adreka’s Social Media Reputation and Brand Monitoring tools to listen to what the market is saying about you, your company, your brand and understand its impact on your reputation and desired results, so that we can design and execute relevant campaigns and engagement strategies that connect with your target audience in a personalized one-to-one fashion, driving both adoption, la lealtad y la defensa.

Step 2: Use Adreka’s website and social media expertise to develop and/or enhance your web presence so that you can precisely target your audience, engage in a relevant fashion, nurture relationships and drive results.

Step 3: Let Adreka help you take the next step in extending your reach by identifying all decision stakeholders, their communication channel preferences (Web, Móvil, email, text, video, etc.) and the most valuable websites, Blogs, social networks and professional networks for you to engage with your target audience. Adreka can also help you develop optimized targeting and segmentation strategies to insure your sales and marketing investments in each segment are aligned to the opportunity – avoiding over/under investment in each segment.

Step 4: Leverage Adreka’s expertise in integrated multi-channel marketing in order to maximize the impact of your marketing campaigns. Our experiences in creating calls-to-action that span on-line and off-line marketing insure that we create a lasting impression of your brand and its value to your target audience, while minimizing cost.

Step 5: Use Adreka’s media analytics platform to measure all facets of your on-line and off-line marketing campaign to quantify what’s working and what’s not working so we can intelligently reallocate resources to insure you are getting the most out of your investments. nuestro objetivo es simple, we want our clients to be able to confidently answer the question: If I had one marginal dollar to spend, what should I spend it on that will guarantee optimal results.

Step 6: Work with an Adreka ROI Specialist, to continuously improve your strategic initiatives to extend your marketing reach and effectiveness.

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