Creative Exchange:

Most advertising agencies either outsource their creative needs to a few trusted resources or internally manage a creative staff. The problem using the same creative resources is all the creative work begins to look the same as time passes. Whereas, just as you can look at a piece of art and know the painter, most creative resources as their own style, which rarely deviates over time. To foster a new breath of creativity, Adreka has opened up its creative network to the creative masses. Adreka’s creative exchange is currently composed of hundreds of creative resources worldwide, with dozens catering to a specialized industry niche, theme, and media channel.

The end goal of Adreka’s media network is to provide a win-win scenario in the management of hundr4eds of creative resources to the benefit of the client, without Adreka incurring the cost of the dedicated employment of the resources. En outre, creative individuals that have provided the best in class and service are rewarded with a higher frequency in use, whereas clients are rewarded with the ability to tap into a global resource network at no higher cost then it would to hire a local resource.