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Political Marketing

Political Marketing:

Following the 2008 Presidential Campaign, Andrew Rasiej, founder of the Personal Democracy Forum, said: “Obama’s success online is as much about how our society has changed, how our media ecology has changed, just in the past four years.” Further, today the Tea Party movement is demonstrating, in very similar ways, the power of online communities with a shared-interest, mobilizing people for a cause. Adreka refers to this contemporary approach as the Social Mobilization Model (SMM).

At Adreka, we believe all future successful campaigns will follow the SMM model. Candidate and campaign teams that embrace the traditional model of independent appearances, passive website, flyers, lawn signs, billboards and a flurry of TV and radio media within 90 days of the vote will lose to the SMM model every time, all other things being equal.

Adreka’s SMM approach is based on developing a very precise understanding of the issues that are most important to each constituent, understanding the channels through which they prefer to communicate, identification of issue influencers, what they are saying, who they are talking to and where they are talking about it. With a deep understanding of your constituent base, we then develop integrated, multi-channel campaigns that engage with them and their friends in a personalized one-to-one fashion. Ultimately establishing dependable grass-roots relationships, which earns candidates the right to ask constituents to mobilize for their common cause; including, making calls, hosting a meeting, attending a meeting, donating money and voting.

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