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Multi-Channel Marketing

Multi-Channel Marketing:

At Adreka we are channel and tactic agnostic, what we are most interested in is understanding what tactics, or combinations of tactics, convert into a lead, a sale, advocacy or some other desired tangible outcome.

At Adreka we don’t get caught up in the hype of any one channel or care about impressions, affidavits, eye-balls, etc. The volume game is over. The fact is that if you are a small company or a major brand focused on a traditional media volume game, and not focused on the unique needs of your target audience or taking the steps necessary to understand channel preferences, there’s a competitor in the market that will be eating your lunch…unless you wake up. The same holds for organizations or people trying to promote a cause or get a candidate elected.

Our goal is simple: we accurately measure the effectiveness of tactics or combinations of tactics so we can determine what messaging evokes the preferred response and across what channel(s) (TV, radio, direct mail, telemarketing, Internet, email, mobile, social media).

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