Pay-per-call Platform Bankrupts Competition in First Multi-Channel Performance Launch

- posted on Wednesday, December 29th, 2010 at 8:24 pm.

Adreka’s Pay-per-call platform is over 600% more effective than the leading pay-per-call provider. In addition, it is 1,600% more efficient than a single channel media program in terms of quality and quantity of calls received within 120 days.

The Situation: Cashing in on Consumer Debt

According the US Census Bureau, in 2003 there were 164 million credit card holders in the United States alone. Furthermore, it was foreseen by the bureau that the number of credit card holders would grow to 176 million Americans by 2008. Presently in 2008, Americans now own approximately 1.5 billion cards, which translates to an average of nearly nine credit cards issued to each individual credit card holder. In addition in 2003, Americans charged approximately $1,735 billion dollars to their credit cards. That’s just over $10,500 in charges each year. Presently in 2008, it is estimated that Americans now carry around 965 billion dollars in credit card charges. In other words, each American carries approximately $5,500 on their credit cards. The number of Americans seeking the help of a credit counselor has tripled. Between 2- 2.5 million Americans seek the help of a credit counselor each year, many to avoid bankruptcy.

Alarmed Americans seek out the services provided by the Consumer Counseling Services. This organization earns their income through a combination of service fees, interest on held funds prior to distribution to the debt holders, and cross selling other debt related services such as credit repair. Since 2003, the debt counseling industry has consistently grown to be the huge $8.4 billion dollar industry that it is today.

Although consumer debt is abundant, many companies are having a very difficult time reaching their consumers effectively through traditional or interactive media. Past endeavors have been quite costly and produced a very limited rate of return on hundreds of Credit Counseling Services. Among the several barriers that blocked the means of marketing effectively to the indebted population, the biggest challenges were qualifying the clients and the underlying factor that most credit agencies are limited in the number of funds that they can spend on client acquisitions.

The Approach: Adding up pennies effectively

The Credit Counseling Services (CCS) knew they had a problem, a high turnover rate. However, CCS was more interested in attracting a greater volume of qualified client phone calls so they looked to Adreka Advertising for assistance with their goals. In order to attract and track more qualified client phone calls Aderka utilized its media analytics platform. Adreka’s patented analytics platform evaluates which media networks convert actual phone calls to the advertiser. Unlike existing pay-per-call services that primarily market on the Internet only, Adreka uses a multi-channel media approach that incorporates both traditional and interactive marketing channels. Adreka then tracks and rotates the phone calls based upon the caller’s geographic location. In order to compare the overall volume and to increase the rate of return for the CCS, Adreka used several pay-per-call service providers in the campaign in conjunction with its own marketing efforts. After the campaign was completed, Adreka Advertising discovered that their tracking technology made them more effective than the leading pay per call service providers and resulted in more volume than the other services combined.

The Result: Cha-Ching

The campaign consisted of a blitzkrieg of advertising that included 20,000 television and radio spots, 20 Internet campaigns, and 5-pay-per-call networks. Surprisingly within just 90 days, the calls generated on the Internet had a higher CPA and a limited volume, compared to the calls that were generated through traditional media networks. For example, the average billed call on Adreka’s pay-per-call platform was 2.01 minutes, whereas the average paid call on competitor pay-per-call platforms was 13 seconds. The longest call on Adreka’s pay-per-call platform was over 2.3 hours and the overall percentage of clients that answered the phone and closed was 31%.

The Bottom Line: Adreka’s Pay-Per-Call Advertising is an ideal tool for businesses that are service driven and that maintain good margins based upon reoccurring client transactions. With Adreka’s analytics platform, it only takes 60 days to effectively optimize your media and only another 30 days to see the true rate of investment on your customer acquisition. The most important element of Adreka’s success was its ability to continuously monitor the media mix and make appropriate changes quickly. This allows Adreka to take advantage of media pricing, availability, or competitive forces, and resulted in a huge decrease in the cost per customer acquisition for the client. 

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