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Just because one direct marketing strategy is working for Lowe’s doesn’t mean that it’s going to work for Home Depot.  The ability to identify your company’s individual untapped resources is necessary in today’s advertising economy.  When Quik Trip advertises and markets themselves as a quick stop convenience store instead of a gas station, it doesn’t mean that they’re not still in the same industry as BP; it means that they’re finding a distinguishing aspect of their core business strategy to make the overall experience of filling up your car more appealing and less of a hassle.  We believe that it is necessary to find out what it is that you do well within your industry, emphasize it, put it in front of the customers you want to attract and those you want to retain, and make it stick in their heads.  Whether you are able to remodel a home more efficiently and with better quality than anyone else in your city, are the best minor league baseball team in the Southeast, or have the newest and most shocking electronic to release to the world we are able to identify the historical weak points, capture the essence of what you have to offer, and express you, your product, and your brand in a way that fits your needs.