Reversing a $50M Loss in Deal Flow via Anti-Marketing

December 29, 2010

A Major Financial Institution, a Rogue Broker, and a Class Action Lawsuit by Investors – A Love Story The Situation: Black Friday on Wall Street With hundreds of millions of dollars blown, investment banking scandals exploited, and a huge reputation tarnished, a leading national investment banking firm found itself stuck between a rock and a [...]

Pay-per-call Platform Bankrupts Competition in First Multi-Channel Performance Launch

Adreka’s Pay-per-call platform is over 600% more effective than the leading pay-per-call provider. In addition, it is 1,600% more efficient than a single channel media program in terms of quality and quantity of calls received within 120 days. The Situation: Cashing in on Consumer Debt According the US Census Bureau, in 2003 there were 164 [...]

Case Study: Georgia International Boat Show

Small Spend Yields Big Results Through Multi-Channel Event Marketing Within a four week period Adreka developed and implemented a full marketing and media campaign that took the Georgia International Boat Show from Concept to Deployment. Adreka’s marketing campaign reached millions of people within Georgia and surrounding states. Thousands of affluent and intrigued luxury and recreational [...]

Anti-SEO, The Art of Not Being Found

Exploiting Fluffy Bunnies to Hide from Google, Could Save Billions in Corporate Loss Perfecting the Art of Not Being Found, Anti-SEO In NY, a would be customer of a prestigious investment banking firm CANCELS his buy order for $500,000; In Atlanta, a would be SUV driver, decides NOT to buy his $58,000 vehicle; In Boston, [...]

The GPad (Apple’s iPad Nightmare)– Rage Against the Apple, A Magical Consumer Revolt

December 28, 2010

GPad (Apple’s iPad Nightmare)– Rage Against the Apple, A Magical Consumer Revolt. We had to just reinvent all the rules of consumer electronics marketing, because they just did not fit into our timeline, I love rewriting history, or even better making it!

PAY PER VOTER – Unusual Politics – could performance based media overturn polling of current leaders?

October 3, 2010

Will Paying for Voter Action Rather than Gross Media Spending Be the New Measuring Stick for Political Campaigns? With less than 20 days left until the gubernatorial election, tens of millions of political campaign dollars will be spent in last minute media purchases. The hope is to sway voter favor to the political candidate of [...]

There seems to be about 3 Billion Reasons to Leave Coal in the Stocking of Several Political Media Buyers for Wasteful Media Spending

September 28, 2010

Political advertising may potentially outperform holiday advertisers in hyper spending by November. Mediaweek reports that over, three-quarters of the $3 billion expected windfall will be spent in the final seven weeks leading up to November’s elections. Kantar Media released a political expenditure showing that political ad spending is up over $160 million over the 2006 [...]

Airline Social Strategy – Marketing to the Irate Traveler

July 13, 2010

Socially Catering Airline Passengers and Brand Loyalty in the World of Social and Mobile Media Can this really be happening to you?! After you waited 45 minutes on the tarmac, just to be moved to another plane that did not have enough flight crew, which caused a you to have an overnight stay in a in a [...]