John Cataldi:

Founder / CEO

An avid technophile and serial entrepreneur, John Cataldi is the CEO of Adreka, an open media exchange to allow agencies and advertisers to target, create, syndicate, and track their traditional and interactive advertising. The Adreka Media Exchange will include more than 40,000 publishers of TV, Radio, Print, Internet, Gaming, and Mobile media.

For the past 15 years, John has leveraged technology to multiply his business successes in a variety of industries to include medical equipment, infomercial products, satellite content networks, prepaid services, and online entertainment. Given his overall accomplishments and start-up business success, he was voted one of the “Top 40 Most Innovative 2005″ by the Technology Association of Georgia, and nominated “2005 Solutions Provider of the Year” by Ad Media. Outside of his early stage companies, John’s professional experience includes EVP of Global Business Development at Interflow, a global 2000 technology consulting firm, and VP of investment banking at Hartsfield Capital and J.P. Turner where he structured investments from hedge funds into publicly traded companies from $4-$75 million dollars. Several name brand clients and affiliations include Blue Cross – Blue Shield, AOL/Time Warner, Verizon, Apple, General Electric, Qualcomm, British Airways, Nike, Playboy, United Parcel Services, and S1 Security Network. John graduated from the University of West Georgia with an academic concentration in both science and business and served in the US Army in both active and reservist capacity for 6 years, and was recognized by Georgia Governor-Elect, Sonny Perdue, for disaster relief deployments.