What is Adreka? “Adreka”, pronounced (ad-re-ka) “Adtaken from advertising, und “rekaderived from Eureka meaning an exclamation of triumph at a discovery. Adreka empowers the small and medium sized business owner with the creative resources, buying power, and campaign management that had been previously reserved for large agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

Our solutions leverage traditional (TV, Radio, Drucken) and new media (Internet, Mobile, video gaming) to provide a highly targeted, cost effective message that creates consumer action and measurable results.

The vision for Adreka began with a multitude of seasoned professionals, each with his own experiences in the industry, wanting to make advertising easy and affordable for the average business. Since then, Adreka has moved into delivering innovative full-service advertising solutions that span both traditional and emerging media.

With their revolutionary analytics and tracking technologies, Adreka has not only simplified the advertising process but has made it more informative and effective for their clients. By developing precisely targeted campaign solutions and informative reporting, Adreka not only brings customers to their clients but also provides complete consumer response reporting and campaign optimization for current and ongoing marketing activities.

Are you ready to make your marketing and advertising effective and easy? Call Adreka heute zu lernen, wie!