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Los medios de comunicación

Los medios de comunicación:

Many companies make the mistake of focusing all their efforts and budgets toward only one or two areas of media advertising. In doing so, companies risk over saturating the market in one certain area and do not reach other markets that could be possible through the use of multi-channel marketing. It is important to use all areas of advertising to gain maximum exposure for your company or product in order to increase sales, establish and enhance you brand identity, and gain increased buzz-value surrounding your product.

Adreka can handle all of your advertising needs from the use of television, radio or print in utilizing what is known as traditional media to social networking sites, mobile devices and interactive media to increase interaction and giving the ability to engage more directly and personally with your potential and current clients.

Adreka also goes a step further than just putting the advertisements into the media; we also have developed ways to measure the effectiveness of each marketing tactic. Through the use of analytics programs developed by Adreka, we are able to track which area of marketing is working, and which isn’t; therefore allowing your company to maximize your ROI and spend your advertising budgets where they have the best effect.

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