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Mobile Media

Mobile Media:

The term Mobile Marketing is one of the most frequently searched marketing terms on the Internet today. However, if you ask a dozen people for their definition of Mobile Marketing, you will get several different answers. Not since the introduction of the personal computer, has a product provided as many new marketing possibilities as the mobile phone.

Mobile marketing represents a huge opportunity with very few players actually being effective in the mobile adverting space. Mobile phones are just about everywhere, with an estimated 85% of Americans in possession of a cell, with mobile marketing not far behind. It is expected that the United States will follow in the footsteps of the EU with 100% mobile phone saturation by 2013. Currently, there are over 3 billion mobile phone subscribers worldwide, which represents a 50% penetration into the global market to an overly captive audience. In previous Adreka client advertising campaigns, over 70% of respondents called in on their mobile device, and over 10-15% response rate to targeted secondary text messages.

Unlike email, most mobile adverts are not blocked, but ALL mobile advertising must be done responsibility. Failure to do so may result in civil or criminal penalties. To date, mobile marketing in conjunction with TV or Internet Contests has derived the largest amount of conversions at the lowest cost per client acquisition.

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