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Interactive Media

Interactive Media:

Interactive Marketing affords the marketer the ability to engage the consumer in a direct and personal way and gives a business a very human persona. It is the latest evolving trend in marketing whereby marketing has moved from a singular, transaction-based effort to a conversation. Interactive marketing was best defined by John Deighton, Harvard professor, who says, “interactive marketing is the ability to address the customer, remember what the customer says and address the customer again in a way that illustrates that we remember what the customer has told us” (Deighton 1996). Strategic Internet marketing ultimately provides the ability to develop interactive relationships with individual customers, thereby cross-selling additional products and services that are synonymous with the customers’ needs. Technology is making this dream a reality. Now companies can keep track of customer preferences and tailor their advertising and promotions campaigns to those needs, thus capturing the essence of their brand. Interactive marketing is not synonymous with online marketing. Although interactive marketing processes have been accelerated by Internet-based technologies.

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