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Although the economy is improving, boards and executive leadership teams are turning up the heat on their operating teams, placing tremendous demands on them to improve execution across all business functions.

As companies continue to work their way out of our current economic rut, two truths have become apparent. First, post-recession operation models are not going to mirror pre-recession models. Plans that just dial-down and dial-up past operating models have virtually no chance of being seriously considered. Second, management teams are now expected to implement plans faster than ever before with regard to re-thinking cost structure and go-to-market strategies. Simultaneously, on the customer-facing front we are also witnessing seismic shifts in customer learn, shop and buy behaviors in the B2B market. Net–net, pressure has never been higher.

Adreka understands this and has a practical approach to helping customers transform (little “t”) their go-to-market approach, without big organizational transformation (big painful “T”). While many companies do several things well, they continue to struggle.

Adreka’s model is one that essentially connects the dots and fills the gaps, helping our clients get the most out of their investments through augmentation verses starting from scratch

Adreka manages this process by leveraging a simple diagnostic assessment process that enables us to identify opportunities, quantify them and develop fact-based programs and campaigns that close the gaps and create sustainable value without turning the organization upside down in the process.

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