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Public Relations

Public Relations:

If you didn’t already know it, traditional, one-way, monologue based Public Relations is dead. As social media and viral communication adoption rates continue to climb, companies are beginning to realize they no longer control brand messaging.

Adreka recognizes this and is helping companies transition from a model of “solely controlling” the development and messaging associated with their brand, to “sharing” ownership of the brand with all stakeholders. We believe our innovative methods allow our clients to extend their influence over their brand, while adhering to the new dialogue based marketing driven PR model. We at Adreka believe this creates huge opportunities to create trusted, loyal relationships that evolve into customer and stakeholder advocacy.

We leverage our experience to identify why, what, where, who and when we should engage with our target audience to establish relevant, personalized communications that deliver measurable results.

Adreka helps companies that are looking for new and innovative ways to listen to and engage with advocates, influencers, consumers and businesses.

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