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Adreka’s Phone Genie gets your customers calling you!
The pay-per-call format solves a problem for the millions of businesses that don’t have a web presence, but still want to be found by online searchers. It’s especially effective for local businesses, since pay-per-call ads can be targeted for users in a specific location. Buying clicks isn’t for everyone, especially when pay-per-call advertising is available. Pay-per-call is a new type of online advertising that mixes search functionality and on-the-phone interaction resulting in an appealing marketing opportunity for small-to-medium sized businesses.

From the consumer standpoint, it’s much easier to call a local business than rely on email to ask details about pricing, programs and product availability. People who are going online and performing a local search are not traditional searchers. They typically want to talk to someone on the phone. However, pay-per-call does a very specific niche for businesses without a web site, or for businesses that don’t have the time, capital or knowledge base for a fully-optimized campaign. These merchants are still able to leverage a web “presence” of sorts (the pay-per-call ad) gaining highly qualified conversions.

For merchants with an existing pay-per-click campaign, pay-per-call provides another smart advertising channel. They can reach motivated prospects who are looking for a phone number online, not looking for an experience. Mixing pay-per-call and pay-per-click provides the best of both worlds, letting merchants dial into local search marketing in a whole new way. The pay-per-call format is also appealing to any business that performs best with a high-touch presence. When people are motivated enough to pick up the phone and call, they are often closer to making a purchase decision than people who simply click through on a sponsored listing. In addition, phone reps can answer questions and overcome objections more quickly than most web sites.

Clients value calls over clicks, and one reason that clients heavily value phone leads is because of the improved conversion rate. Pay-per-call provides merchants the opportunity to engage customers about their specific needs. Conversions improve when you move from online to on-the-phone. Additionally, small business owners also have an easier time tracking their on-phone conversion rates than their web conversions. Given the high rate of reported click fraud, a pay-per-call service is believed to be a better solution to connect potential customers to advertisers.

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