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Lead Generation

Lead Generation:

we continue to see the old regimes reverting back to the same things they’ve always done (hammer the phone, send more email, throw more stuff against the wall). The problem is that these companies and their leaders don’t realize they may be doing more harm than good. Yes, that’s right, more could be worse.

With all of the pressure and change management teams face today, you’d think we’d see more big innovation and action on the lead generation front. And although a survey that was recently published suggests many firms are now integrating marketing activities into broader campaigns, including social media, this is not consistent with what we see in the market…unless the interpretation is extremely loose.

So, as much as we want to believe that companies are aggressively adopting new integrated Marketing and Sales operating models that increase effectiveness and efficiency of the sales process, while improving the client experience, we don’t see it. In fact,

Armed with precise feedback we use facts to align the organization with the consumer, and develop strategies

At Adreka we believe companies need to spend more time listening to their customers, the market and influencers that drive the market. Unfortunately, traditional market research solutions and marketing measurement solutions that have not kept pace with the needs of today’s complex marketing world are the root cause of ill-conceived marketing and lead generation campaigns.

Leveraging this well-defined approach we can match the selling process to the customers “new” buying process and funnel qualified leads into an on-line conversion process, indirect channel partners or the direct sales organization.

At Adreka we believe the key to identifying opportunities is getting good actionable insight. We also understand how difficult it is to get unfiltered feedback without the bias of surveys, focus groups, etc. Which is why we developed an industry leading solution for monitoring real-time market feedback that gives us complete clarity in consumer perceptions, attitudes and behaviors. that include the voice of the customer, and lead to robust, relevant multi-channel marketing campaigns that engage with consumers and or businesses in a personalized one-to-one fashion – via TV, radio, direct mail, telemarketing, Internet, email, mobile and social media.

We also provide measurement systems that allow us to monitor funnel velocity, so that we can continuously improve our program mix in order to optimize results.

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