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Luxury Marketing

Luxury Marketing:

As we exit the downturn, there are strong signs that many top-tier luxury brands are gearing up for a renaissance. Many luxury brands need to reinvent themselves, even as they fight to survive the long tail of the recession. We expect to see a new business model emerge that results in a true, customer-centric approach focused on the entire lifecycle of the customer relationship. So, what’s the first step? Know your customers and their friends better than they know themselves and engage with them in a relevant one-to-one manner.

As easy as this sounds, it’s proven to be difficult to pull off. Luxury brand companies, like many companies in the business world are lagging behind in the adoption of new consumer communication preferences. Just as many companies have mastered database marketing and email marketing, consumers are now ratcheting down their use of these channels, in favor of social media and mobile communications. In fact, 7 out of 10 luxury brand consumers have embraced social media. So while luxury brands have some valuable foundational marketing capabilities, we believe they only have half of the data that’s available. Adreka can augment your transactional POS data with high-value lifestyle databases and social media data to identify where your target customers and their friends work and play. Using the actionable insight gained to engage with them in relevant ways that increases your presence in their daily lives. We also identify the high-value targets that can influence and mobilize others through word-of-mouth to become involved and participate in the brand experience.

Armed with a precise understanding of buying perceptions, attitudes and behaviors, of both your clients and their friends, we use facts to align the organization with the needs of the client. We then develop robust, relevant, multi-channel marketing and retail sales campaigns targeted at clients and influencers in a personalized one-to-one fashion that expand markets and yield loyal, long-term relationships.

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