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Casino Marketing

Casino Marketing:

The economic downturn has the gaming industry reeling. There is simply just less discretionary income in virtually all socioeconomic segments, and as a result profits are down…substantially. What’s a casino to do? Know your customers and their friends better than they know themselves and market to them in a relevant one-to-one manner.

As easy as this sounds, it’s proven to be difficult to pull off. Casinos, like many companies in the business world, are lagging behind in the adoption of new consumer communication preferences. Just as many companies have mastered database marketing and email marketing, consumer are now ratcheting down their use of these channels, in favor of social media and mobile communications. So while casinos have some very valuable foundational marketing capabilities, we believe casinos have only half of the data that’s available. Adreka can augment your data asset by opening up the world of social media to identify where your target customers and their friends work and play, engaging with them in relevant ways that increases your presence in their daily lives. We also identify the high-value targets that can influence and mobilize others through word-of-mouth to become involved and participate.

Armed with a precise understanding of your clients and their friends we use facts to align the organization with the client, and develop robust, relevant, multi-channel marketing campaigns targeted at clients and influencers in a personalized one-to-one fashion that yield loyal, long-term relationships.

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