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Entertainment Marketing

Entertainment Marketing:

As companies transition from “solely controlling” the development and messaging associated with their brand, to “sharing” ownership of the brand with all stakeholders, many companies are looking to new and innovative methods to extend their influence over their brand. At Adreka believe we will see an increase in the product placement and celebrity endorsement deals.

This brings up the question: where will we place our products and with what celebrities? Aside form the obvious high-profile radio, TV, film, stage and celebrities, we at Adreka believe social media creates more new opportunities to engage with highly-targeted audiences, many with their own “celebrities”, including blogs, social community special interest groups, viral videos, etc.

Adreka helps companies that are looking for new and innovative ways to reach consumers and businesses. We leverage our experience to identify why, what, where, who and when we should engage with our target audience to establish relevant, personalized communications that deliver measurable results.

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