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Financial Services Marketing

Financial Services Marketing:

Forrester Research produces an annual measure of customer satisfaction called the Customer Experience Index (CxPi). The index plots individual company performance on a customer satisfaction continuum compared to the competition. This is an extremely valuable metric because a 5% improvement in the customer experience will yield 25% – 75% increase in profitability. This concept is not new; financial services companies and consultants have been advocating the value of improved customer experience for years. Yet today, customer service is still indicated 73% of the time as the primary reason why customers defect to a competitor. What’s more perplexing is that when financial services companies were asked why customers defect, they responded by saying price and products were the biggest issues.

This phenomenon is no surprise to us at Adreka. We understand how difficult it is to get unfiltered feedback from your clients, and turn that feedback into actionable insight. Which is why the foundation of our financial services offering is a solution that allows us to capture unfiltered feedback without the bias of surveys, focus groups, etc. Armed with precise feedback we use facts to align the organization with the client, and develop robust, relevant, multi-channel marketing campaigns that engage with clients in a personalized one-to-one fashion.

We further believe we are uniquely positioned to develop programs that engage with and leverage social media influencers and advocates to drive social participation into highly segmented groups with a shared interest. This means we can cost-effectively enable an environment that promotes active dialogue among peers and digitally enables word-of-mouth marketing.

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