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In today’s competitive educational environment, parents and prospective students seeking educational learning opportunities have an overwhelming number of choices across levels of education (primary school, middle school, high school, colleges and university). Given the current economic climate, job constraints, improved virtual access and program flexibility there are now many more options, making the decision process much more complex.

In 2010, there are 56 million students in the educational system. Although this is a well-defined segment, marketing to them is becoming increasingly more challenging. Today’s students are bombarded with “generic” information that does not connect with them in a relevant one-to-one manner.

Many educational organizations put the burden on the students to find and court them. What these organizations need to understand is that education “learn, shop, buy process” is dramatically changing! Now, more than ever, reputation and word-of-mouth are driving the decision process. Leading educational organizations understand the value of managing their on-line and off-line reputation, and they are plugging-in to networks of student targets, their families and friends socially and professionally, going out of their way to connect with students in a relevant manner. Therefore, just as in the business world, it’s not surprising that leading educational organizations have demonstrated that it’s possible to achieve better recruiting results at a lower cost.

Most importantly, this more tailored approach yields better educational outcomes, and these institutions are being rewarded with student accolades, student word-of-mouth marketing and stronger, more vocal alumni.

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