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Franchise Marketing

Franchise Marketing:

As we emerge from the downturn, franchisers will be facing an extremely competitive market with constrained credit and franchisee’s that are cautious, well informed and slow to move. A somewhat common approach has been for franchisers to sweeten the deal by lowering up-front investments or guaranteeing results. Our recommendation is that franchisers should shift their focus from giving away the store to creating value for the franchisee. We believe value is delivered in the form of services and innovative, relevant, multi-channel marketing programs that leverage traditional media, Internet, social media and mobile communications to develop awareness, loyalty and advocacy results.

Adreka’s approach is sophisticated, yet simple. After getting to know your brand, we will customize the development of a promotional campaign platform that includes optimized, integrated, multi-channel campaigns that are designed to meet local needs (including ethnicity) that can be further configured to meet unique franchise needs or budgetary constraints. Should franchisees have any questions throughout the process they can call our marketing help center staffed with professional marketers dedicated to addressing all of their questions while educating them as well. Prior to campaign launch, all programs go through our quality assurance process, and throughout the campaign we will be measuring performance, making recommendations that will continuously improve the result.

In the end, our goal is simple; enable the franchiser to offer a solution that improves their competitiveness and cements their position as the trusted advisor to the franchisee.

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