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Event Marketing

Event Marketing:

Many companies reduced their investment in event marketing during the downturn. Given the velocity of the unraveling economy it’s understandable; however, we believe Event Marketing will be one of the key marketing tactics that are tied to on-line promotion going forward.

At Adreka, we see events as a moment-of-truth where on-line expectations can be realized and exceeded. Consider the annual auto show that comes to your city, or an auto showroom for that matter. During the year you look at all of the spy photos of the next model, you look at all of the options, configure the vehicle of you choice and price it. However, expectations are not fulfilled and dreams are not fully internalized until you crawl behind the wheel, smell the leather, hear the sound system and close you eyes and imagine what it would be like if it were yours.

Adreka looks at Event Marketing as one of the most important intersection points of on-line and off-line marketing and promotion. We work closely with our customers to manage all facets of their client relationship including the development of relevant, multi-channel campaigns that mobilize them to attend your event.

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