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Film & Media Marketing

Film & Media Marketing:

As with all businesses, promotional investments in new product launch are vitally important because of the inherent high financial risk. Film studios invest heavily in marketing campaigns to maximize revenue early in the release cycle. Marketing budgets tend to equal anywhere between half or two times the production budget (depending on media).

Considering films are only in theaters for 4-6 weeks, studios typically front-end load investment in promotional launch tactics through a combination of in-theater promotion, TV, radio, Internet, print, merchandising and promotional tours. Unfortunately, many of these tactics are deployed independently, and studios struggle to maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns. Further, it is our point of view that traditional market research (positioning studies, test screenings, advertising reviews, tracking surveys, title testing, exit surveys or concept testing) efforts fail to get in the head of the moviegoer and deliver the insight necessary to get studios to rethink the traditional promotional process.

At Adreka we have research tools that offer greater insight into unfiltered moviegoer perceptions, attitudes and behaviors. This data provides unmatched insight that leads to a better understanding of message effectiveness, channel preferences, influencer participation, advocacy and moviegoer “action triggers”. Adreka then uses this information to construct highly relevant, integrated, multi-channel campaigns targeted at all stakeholders (press, distributors, moviegoers, corporation, etc.) that deliver greater results over the lifecycle of the movie.

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