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CPG Marketing

CPG Marketing:

Traditionally CPG marketing is the process of maximizing revenue throughout the product lifecycle by leveraging television advertising, radio advertising, print advertising, coupons, direct mail, Internet, feature or display promotions, temporary price reductions, distribution and trade promotions. All or some of them are used during all stages of the product lifecycle to support marketing activities ranging from strategic, corporate branding campaigns to tactical, field-based local campaigns and promotions.

However, we at Adreka believe that the CPG market has been slow to react to the changes in the consumer learn, shop, buy, loyalty and advocacy process. Consumers are rapidly migrating away from traditional channels to emerging channels such as social media, viral video and mobile communications. In addition, CPG manufactures have not even begun to consider how they are going to capitalize on the convergence of the “three screens” – computer, mobile and television and it’s ability to drive consumer participation and engagement in an event or program, thus creating huge promotional opportunities.

At Adreka we believe the key to identifying opportunities is getting good, actionable insight. We also understand how difficult it is to get unfiltered feedback without the bias of surveys, focus groups, etc. Which is why we developed an industry-leading solution for monitoring real-time market feedback that gives us complete clarity in consumer perceptions, attitudes and behaviors. Armed with precise feedback, we use facts to align the organization with the consumer, and develop robust, relevant, multi-channel marketing campaigns that engage with consumers in a personalized, one-to-one fashion.

We further believe we are uniquely positioned to develop programs that engage with and leverage social media influencers and advocates to drive social participation into highly-segmented groups with a shared interest. This means we can cost-effectively deploy campaigns that leverage traditional media, Internet, social media and mobile communications to promote your brand, generate buzz, uncover opportunities, create loyalty and mobilize an army of advocates that helps you proactively manage your reputation and expand your business through word-of-mouth.

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