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As the Annual Energy Outlook for 2010 clearly points out, there are several emerging trends and issues that could have major implications for U.S. energy markets. Because of the uncertainties inherent in any market projection, particularly in periods of high price volatility, rapid market transformation, or active changes in legislation, nothing should be considered in isolation.

Consumers in many cases feel the effect of volatility and change; having to navigate through the options made available through deregulation, deal with the facts and fiction associated with “green” and “renewable” energy and understand the impact of tax credits. Let’s face it; it’s complex for all stakeholders.

At Adreka we believe that complexity creates opportunities for the savvy marketer, the one who is willing to take the steps necessary to become the consumer’s “advocate” dedicated to demystifying decision complexity, creating value at every step of the relationship. Adreka helps customers deliver a better customer experience by listening closely to customers both on-line and off-line so that intelligent insight can be used to develop effective multi-channel campaigns that can be implemented quickly. We also monitor market dynamics in real-time so that we can continuously improve our campaigns, optimizing effectiveness, performance and results.

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