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Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Marketing

Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Marketing:

The pharmaceutical and medical device industries continue to feel the effects limited assess to health care providers – HCP’s (Doctors, Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners); as such, sales forces are shrinking and being redefined to include clinical liaisons, marketing budgets are being cut and brand executives are under tremendous pressure to demonstrate ROI. Added to this, new governmental regulations, declining reimbursement levels, more blockbuster drugs going generic, and personalized medicines coming into vogue the pharmaceutical and medical device industries are in a state of chaos.

The chaos that pharmaceutical and medical device manufactures are dealing with has manifested itself into complexity and confusion for both consumers and healthcare decision makers. For example, many stakeholders can have a role in the decision process: payers, clinical influencers, authoritative influences, friends and family to name a few. Decisions can be complex; often times clouded by the wealth of information and miss information on the Internet, and many, if not all, HCP’s are hyper-sensitive to economic impact on the consumer as we continue to deal with the lasting effects of economic downturn.

At Adreka, we believe that companies that embrace the new market realities, focus on understanding the role of all stakeholders in the decision process, proactively mange their off-line and on-line reputation and engage with clients and stakeholders in a relevant manner will emerge as the dominant company in each segment. For these savvy marketers, the ones who are willing to take the steps necessary to become the HCP and consumer “advocate” dedicated to demystifying decision complexity, creating value at every step of the relationship, Adreka can help you achieve your goals.

Adreka helps customers achieve a dominant market position by leveraging industry-leading listening solutions that allow to our clients to capture unfiltered HCP, consumer and decision stakeholder feedback both on-line and off-line. This data can append your existing CRM and transactional data so that intelligent, actionable insight can be used to develop cost-effective multi-channel campaigns that can drive brand adoption, loyalty and advocacy. Further, we also monitor campaign tactics in real-time so that we can continuously improve our campaigns, optimizing effectiveness, performance and delivering a defendable ROI.

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